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Vizocom offers a wide range of services to meet your rigorous business communication needs. Vizocom specializes in providing satellite internet connectivity solutions with shared and dedicated bandwidth for optimum connection.

Internet over Satellite

Vizocom specializes in providing satellite internet connectivity solutions with shared and dedicated bandwidth for optimum connection. Our VSAT Internet services offer seamless connectivity and highly scalable to meet and exceed your company’s high communication demands.

Voice over IP

Vizocom’s IP Telephony solutions use a single network infrastructure for the transmission of data, voice, and video traffic, delivering the business benefits of a converged network, giving you increased productivity, greater business flexibility, and reduced operational costs.

Video Conferencing

Vizocom’s high-end video conferencing technology provide a low-cost and safe alternative to face to face meetings. With our VSAT internet connectivity is paired seamlessly to a turn-key solution based on professional systems such as Cisco Telepresence.

Internet over Fiber/WiFi

Vizocom’s fiber optic services offer greater reliability and security for business-critical connectivity. Our internet connectivity via terrestrial fiber network provides fiber-to-the-premises in many regions in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa.

MPLS Networks

Vizocom’s MPLS solutions and service provides you with your own private network allowing various sites of your company to exchange information in real time, as well as perform site monitoring of your assets. Our solution ensures bandwidth and required reliability of service between various sites.

Cloud & Storage

Vizocom Cloud Security helps your business integrate into the cloud safely, securely and quickly.


Vizocom specializes in providing Telemedicine solutions based on professional systems such as Cisco Telepresence. In combination with Vizocom’s professional VSAT solutions, we design high-end video conferencing technology and its required internet connectivity as a turn-key solution for health and medical missions in far-flung places.

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Vizocom has been helping companies in providing government services that directly support government bodies in producing goods and providing excellent...

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Defense & Security

The Defense and Security Industry provides professional and reliable security, mission support, training services and logistics worldwide, specializin...

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Oil and Gas

Vizocom recognizes the world’s increasing need for energy. With the rise in demand for its extraction, exploration and processing, is also the d...

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ISPs understand the importance of managing their valuable bandwidth in order to maximize profits and provide all subscribers with fair access to the a...

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Most mining companies operate in remote locations with unreliable or non-existent terrestrial telecom networks, presenting a challenging environment f...

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It is of utmost importance to have reliable Internet connectivity connected to their operations which ensures the safety and security of their staff. ...

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We complement these services with value-added solutions including but not limited to high-speed Internet access, real-time access to data on cloud, st...

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Vizocom fully understands the demands and capitalizes on constantly striving for a performance-driven communication medium to all of its clients in th...

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Top decision-makers can only rely on the communications & data services offered by an outstanding ICT integrator that could meet the challenges wi...

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