Trusted by well-known companies. Vizocom provides VSAT and communications services to large enterprises such as Shell, BGC, and Weatherford to name a few. We are also providing solutions to various embassies and large NGOs across the globe.

In this section, we present various cases of success that illustrates Vizocom’s breadth of services to cater performance and flexibility from small to large companies.

VIZOCOM’s satellite solutions overcome the restrictions to communications that remote sites face, while reducing costs and vulnerability. VIZOCOM designs and implements high performance, high availability VSAT networks and specializes in delivering communications solutions to mine operators. We provide robust and reliable network infrastructures for critical mine data, voice connectivity and corporate networking to the harshest and most remote locations. We deliver tailored solutions to all major mining communications requirements, allowing clients to get broadband Internet, Voice over IP, corporate networking and real-time video and data to their remote sites. VIZOCOM’s buying power coupled with its strategic partnerships with major satellite providers allow us offer best rates in the market for the highest quality service and support.

1. DoDEA 40Mbps Internet Connectivity to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in 2017

2. Remote Camp in Libya

3. Albideynet Ku-Band and C-Band Internet over Satellite

4. CARE VSAT Solution in Chad

5. International Medical Corps Satellite Internet Connectivity in Chad

6. US Army Office 24Mbps Internet Connectivity in Chad

7. SHELL Collaborative Work Environment (CWE)