Vizocom’s offerings are designed with flexibility to keep up with the pace of oil and gas business operations in the harshest, remote areas of the globe, day in and out.

Vizocom recognizes the world’s increasing need for energy. With the rise in demand for its extraction, exploration and processing, is also the demand to optimize operations through efficient communication and the advancement & utilization of appropriate technologies. Vizocom makes it easy for Oil & Gas companies to integrate the necessary technologies needed to effectively communicate between remote & hazardous locations and offices.

Vizocom’s VSAT technology enables Oil and Gas companies to have access to the latest communications services from remote locations, without being hindered by inadequate terrestrial infrastructure. Our VSAT networks can be deployed rapidly and once the network is operational, remote sites can be deployed or re-deployed in two weeks and at a low cost. Furthermore, the use of satellite communications allows bandwidth to be applied to match the applications’ requirements. These essential features make VSAT communication perfect for oil and gas drilling. With partners from Iridium, Airbus, Inmarsat, Cisco and Thuraya, Vizocom’s VSAT solutions will serve as your communications backbone for your daily operations.