Our portfolio of mobile satellite services utilize the world’s most advanced satellite communications network and ensure you are connected anywhere you go around the world.

Mobile Satellite Internet Services

Mobile communication services that can reach all places with extreme geographical conditions, such as forests, underground, at sea, and aboard airplanes, are still very much needed by users. We at Vizocom provide the needful Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) that helps in enhancing the mobility and connectivity for cutting edge mobile solutions. With our quality mobile satellite internet services, we can provide businesses with commercial voice and data under the L-band and S-band spectrum signals. Our core engineers are working with the global partners from Inmarsat and Iridium’s range of extremely rugged Satellite phones that offers superior voice quality and low call drop rates.

Vizocom’s service features fast speeds and the industry’s lowest latency, and comes with our unlimited, free outstanding Technical and Customer Support. As one of the top-level mobile satellite internet providers in Iraq, we are continually working with portable satellite antennas, satellite phones, and BGANs to help the customer base of the Middle East with reliable mobile connectivity. From satellite telephones to satellite teleports and everything in between, you can depend on Vizocom for the needful services on fixed VSAT or IP Radio.

To keep up with the services of VSAT and IP radio, Vizocom mobile satellite internet service offers two-way voice and data communications that provide user access to the remote location with Inmarsat and Iridium’s satellites. There is no denying that mobile satellite services operate at L-band—low enough in the frequency spectrum to avoid the rain fade associated with higher bandwidth Ku- and Ka-band fixed satellite systems.  Working on the remote band signal locations, Vizocom incorporates BGAN services to improve the network infrastructure solutions to remain interconnected and boost productivity for trade and private communication.

For customers who want communication with mobile satellite internet devices, Vizocom pays particular focus to ICT, ELV, and telecommunication to provide hassle-free internet connectivity in Iraq and the Middle East.