Your day-to-day operations must always run seamlessly and efficiently to ensure that business solutions are delivered to clients on time and in full capacity.


Room for error, big or small, has to be managed and kept at the lowest level acceptable. This is our business mentality.

Our highly competent team of professionals is committed to provide effective onsite and off-site technical support, in any challenging environment.

Vizocom offers unparalleled cost-effective maintenance services that will keep your company’s operational productivity and credibility at the core of its priority portfolio.

Our Core Operations & Maintenance Services Include:

  • VSAT & Network Monitoring Maintenance
  • Network Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Camp & Site Security Maintenance
  • Network & IT Equipment Upgrades
  • Emergency Solutions Maintenance (PAGA & Fire Alarm Services)

For more information on how Vizocom can contribute to your deliverables, contact us today.