SHELL Collaborative Work Environment (CWE)


The Ministry of Oil in Iraq awarded Shell, Petronas and Missan State Oil Company a 20-year contract for the provision of technical assistance in the development of the Majnoon oil field. Shell, through its subsidiary Shell Iraq Petroleum Development B.V., has been designated as the lead operator. Majnoon is one of the largest oil fields in the world, and according to the Ministry of Oil, has an estimated 38 billion STOIIP (stock tank original oil in place).

The Challenge

Shell’s Collaborative Work Environment has been recognized as one of the most advanced information sharing and communication tools in today’s fast evolving world. This project focuses on providing the facilities, network and collaboration infrastructure to support the day to day operations of Shell Majnoon-Iraq and Dubai (UAE), and Bangalore (India).

The evident challenge to a project of this scope is the level of expertise and range of capabilities required of the ICT provider in order to provide the correct solutions. This necessitates the qualifying provider to have comprehensive partnerships and extensive experience in each discipline. The covered ICT disciplines are as follows:

    1. Network Infrastructure Solutions
    2. Fiber Optic Cabling System
    3. Audio Visuals Integration
    4. Personnel Equipment & Services (Docking Stations, Conference Phones, IP Phone
    5. Handsets, Display Equipment)
    6. High end Audio systems and Camera’s deployment
    7. Maintenance Services on all Disciplines (On-site Maintenance Visits, Ad-hoc on Call

Support, Online Monitoring of all IT services)

Our Solution

The scope of work includes the plans for the office space based on the provisional layout, providing fully constructed office facilities with segregated rooms offering video conferencing, audio and visual collaborative working environments, and technology enabled meeting spaces. In this phase, there shall be one location i.e. Majnoon enabled for operations. Each facility shall have a custom-built environment which includes flooring, increased HVAC capabilities, collaborative room layouts, furniture and ergonomic design. There should be an excellent desktop, network, audio visual and collaboration infrastructure in order to fully enable all business processes.

This project includes two CWE Rooms in Majnoon and three CWE Rooms in Dubai.

Majnoon CWE Rooms:

  1. Medium Meeting Room (MMR)
  2. Surveillance Room (SRM)

Dubai CWE Rooms:

  1. Medium Meeting Room (MMR)
  2. Small Meeting Room (SMR)
  3. Surveillance Room (SRD)

These rooms are equipped with ceiling microphones wall mounted speakers, documentation camera and a SMART board (in the surveillance room) for on-spot presentation and annotation. In addition, video and audio conference facilities are provided for communication with remote participants worldwide.

These locations are connected to the corporate LAN and will have communications connectivity with each other. The CWE setup includes high standard products like Crestron, Extron, Cisco and Clearone among others.


Upon the employment of Vizocom’s system in providing for Shell’s BPA IT requirements, Shell has reported that its Majnoon Camp’s IT requirements were fulfilled, with full and efficient support. There was a marked reduction in IT issues and the IT infrastructure in sub locations were metrically developed into Shell standards. Most importantly, all IT services were delivered in a timely manner and the installation of the system by Vizocom did not in any way interfere with camp operations.

From successful track record of Vizocom, Shell has endorsed Vizocom as its Preferred ICT Integrator for upcoming projects in Iraq. Given the excellent results, Vizocom is very honoured, and is looking forward to not only continue providing superb solutions, but to further improve its services for the year to come.

Case Overview

Shell EP International Limited

Oil and Gas

Dubai, UAE; Majnoon, Iraq


  • Diversity of Scopes in Supply and integrate different AV systems
  • Quick installation and support
  • 24×7 support that can handle all of Shell’s provisions


  • Cisco based Video Conferencing
  • Crestron for Video Control
  • Clearone for Audio Control
  • Samsung HD Video Walls with Barco as Display and Multimedia Controller
  • Smart Interactive Board
  • Wolf Vision Document Cameras


  • Reliable and High Performance IT Services
  • High capacity for upcoming camp services expansion
  • Complete interconnection of camps
  • Less IT problems and resolved issues