About Vizocom

Who we are

Vizocom has delivered many different projects and services in different locations around the world, and they all have three things in Common; Great Partnership, Hard Work, and Professionalism. Each of these may mean differently to different people, but at Vizocom, they all combine to serve our customers and the communities we work in. No matter the location; – from Sunny California to Sunny Africa, from volatile deserts in the Middle East to beautiful and serene Balkans, – we work hard, we collaborate with the stakeholders, and we treat all with professionalism. From the most complex infrastructure projects to the most sensitive design jobs, from Life Support Services to Cyber Security and AI, we are putting our commitment to collaboration to work.

Our Leadership

From the start, great leaders were the heart of Vizocom and the visionaries that pushed our enterprise forward with resilience and hard work. Today is no different. Following in the footsteps of those before them, our leaders are driving Vizocom to the next level of success by leading with integrity, cultivating our people, creating new opportunities, and continuously expanding and diversifying our business.

What we care about

We are a responsible company and we do not take our responsibility towards others lightly, as we fully understand that what we do today will have an impact on countless future generations. We follow a comprehensive approach to sustainability, one that reduces our environmental impact and fosters positive community interactions in all aspects of our business. It is our goal to continually seek and find new solutions in order to cause meaningful and sustained change today, tomorrow, and for the years to come.

What we do

Our five primary line of businesses provide a wide yet focused set of services in two very important markets; public sector as well as O&G market. While, our Supply Chain, ICT, and Internet services all integrate into our Government Services to support our government, we have offered the same services to Fortune 1000 companies in the commercial sector. We continuously raise the bar of technology by spending time and resources on Emerging Technologies with which we can serve our customers better and provide the right solutions year after year. All our expertise and services share a united vision and set of core values. With solid segments that form a stronger whole, we deliver ideas, innovations and products that are shaping the future.

Where we are

Vizocom’s vision is to allow its customers undertake assignments in the harshest and most remote locations on earth knowing that Vizocom is already there as an enabler so they can focus on their mission. Vizocom differentiates itself from others by supporting its customer base not just in the US, but also globally from Canada to South Africa, and from Japan, Korea, and Philippines, to Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout Europe.

Our Commitment to Quality, Safety and Environment

As an ISO 9001 Certified Small Business, we strive to provide our customers with the highest standards of quality, safety, environment and service. We believe that when people are treated as members of an organization who cares about them, they form one body of committed people who work together to generate more value at every level and build a better world for everyone, giving back to our habitat and community.