TETRA Radios vs GSM and Wi-Fi – What is the Correct Choice?

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AI – Risks and Benefits

Only a few days ago, it was announced that Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft have come together to create the Partnership on AI. Almost at the same time, Microsoft announced expanding its AI efforts with creation of new Microsoft ...Read More »

6 Reasons Why CCTV Security Systems are Vital for Your Business

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3D Printing and its Future – Brief Explanation

One of the technologies that is revolving our world in an unbelievably rapid pace is 3D printing. But what exactly is 3D printing? Very simply put, 3D printing (also known as “additive manufacturing”) turns digital 3D models into solid objects by...Read More »

What is Big Data and 4 Reasons Why it is so Important

Big Data is one of the new terms that we hear regularly these days along with “Internet of Things” (IOT), “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), and “Cloud Computing”. Interestingly, when you Google the term, you can read a wide variety of def...Read More »