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6 Reasons for Replacing your Excel Files with CRM

Many companies use different forms and lists created in MS Word or MS Excel (or their equivalents) for keeping their key information such as list of clients, their sales opportunities and prospects, and similar data and then keep these files updated ...Read More »

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5 Reasons for Outsourcing your IT Services – Does it also save costs?

Many companies argue whether outsourcing their IT services would save them any money or if it would actually increase their costs vs having an in-house IT engineer handle their IT requirements. Actually, I’ve seen many company owners who decide to ...Read More »

Professional Digital Solutions for Cinemas and Theaters

Digital Cinema Projection (also called Digital Cinema) is a method of using digital copies of a movie stored in electronic devices such as high-capacity hard drives and servers instead of traditional reel-to-reel films. While the traditional method o...Read More »

How to Select the Correct CCTV Camera to Use?

There are literally thousands of camera models from hundreds of approved manufacturers available in the market, and this makes the selection of the most appropriate CCTV camera to use a very confusing issue. In this article, I will try to explain ver...Read More »

V-Shape: Time to get your data center into shape

Today, organizations are challenged with unpredictable and explosive data growth, while still depending on applications and services running in silo IT configurations. IT effectiveness is increasingly affected by the expansion of underutilized hardwa...Read More »