Digital Marketing Manager/Specialist

Digital Marketing Manager/Specialist

The Position:

  • Digital Marketing Manager/Specialist (depending on the qualification)
  • Reporting to Director of Marketing.
  • The Digital Marketing Manager oversees the digital marketing strategy for the company.

Date Posted: February 5, 2018

Location required: As per employee

Nationality: US

Job Responsibilities:

  • Devising strategies to drive online traffic to the company website.
  • Tracking conversion rates and making improvements to the website.
  • Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns
  • Utilizing a range of techniques including paid search, SEO and PPC.
  • Overseeing the social media strategy for the company.
  • Managing online brand and services campaigns to raise brand awareness.
  • Managing the necessary changes and improvement of the company website.
  • Improving the usability, design, content and conversion of the company website
  • Responsibility for planning and budgetary control of all digital marketing
  • Evaluating customer research, market conditions and competitor data.
  • Review new technologies and keep the company at the forefront of developments in digital marketing.
  • Providing detailed monthly reports at the end of each month on the company SEO and PPC improvements and position

Position Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or related field required
  • At least 3+ years’ experience in B2B digital marketing and advertising
  • Excellent grasp of social media and website metrics and best practices
  • Experience managing email marketing, lead generation, PPC, SEO and Affiliate programmes
  • Strong understanding of current online marketing concepts, strategy, and best practice
  • Experience in ecommerce, SEO, PPC, Email marketing, and social media.
  • Previous experience in a similar digital marketing role
  • Intermediate experience with web design, development
  • Language spoken: Fluency in English, with written and verbal communication skills
  • Preferences:
    • Engineering Education is a plus
    • Advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS required
    • Familiarity with IT and communications
    • Familiarity with new automated sales and marketing technologies
    • Excellent Office/PowerPoint and Browsing Skills
    • Proficiency with vTiger and/or Salesforce
    • Prior Experience with Gulf and Africa markets is a plus