How to Properly Maintain Your Digital Projector

Digital projectors are delicate and expensive, and they should be properly maintained and taken care of. Taking proper care of the projector can greatly prolong its lifespan and can make sure that it will always perform at its optimal level. Performing regular maintenance on all the various parts of the projector will ensure that the projector will always display the best quality image possible to the audience. Certain precautions should also be taken when operating the projector on a daily basis in order to improve its lifespan.

Listed below are the steps to take to extend your digital projector’s life:

Correct Locations for the Projector

Thoroughly read the manufacturer’s manual recommendation to know where the proper places and locations to install the unit are. The rule of thumb to follow is to have at least two feet of free space around the projector to allow for ventilation and heat dissipation. Never place the projector directly in sunlight or directly next to a heatsource. If the projector is mounted on the ceiling, make sure that the projector is not directly next to a heat vent or an air conditioning unit, and do not use the projector in smoke-filled rooms as this greatly increases the chance of damaging the projector optics.

Digital projectors produce large amounts of heat during their operation by themselves, and the heat must be channeled away from the projector to prevent overheating and avoid projector malfunction. It is especially important for the life of the projector lamp that this heat is removed effectively since projector overheating is the primary cause of projector lamp failure.

Proper Storing and Transporting

When unpacking a new projector, make sure that the box and packaging that the projector came in is stored away safely. If it becomes necessary to transport the projector to another location, storing it in anything other than the original box and packaging means that there is a higher risk of damage during transportation. Original packaging have protective styrofoam molded to the exact shape of the projector, and this prevents the projectors from moving while in transit. When transporting the projector, never leave it in environments with extreme temperatures.

Regular Projector Maintenance: Protecting Your Investment

Digital projectors have filters, which is where all the dust particles removed from the air end up. To ensure that the filters keep performing well, they must be maintained regularly. This is very important since damage to the projector caused by dirty filters may not be covered by the projector warranty. Generally, digital projector filters should be cleaned once every 100 to 300 hours, and the manual should be checked to find out what the recommended filter cleaning cycle specific to your specific projector is.

Hiring 3rd Party Professionals for Projector Maintenance

More than 80% of projectors and 90% of projector lamps that fail could have had an extended life span through regular cleaning. Periodic cleaning is required in order to extend the projector’s life and maintain optimum performance. To ensure periodic maintenance is carried out properly, many companies hire 3rd party professionals that maintain digital projectors. These cleaning professionals provide extensive design, installation, monitoring, and maintenance services to deliver and support high-impact digital display systems. They have years of experience in the field, and provide cleaning and maintenance solutions for multiple digital projector systems.