Construction Solution

The Construction Industry constantly experience growth in many areas across all sectors of their market. This trend compels construction companies to adapt to the increasing demand for higher performance by implementing & upgrading to smart and efficient technology solutions. Being a leading single-source solution provider in ICT, Vizocom makes it a point that it is always one step ahead of its clients technologically in order to ascertain the potential needs in their construction projects and operations.

From Construction operation at remote sites in Iraq, to the advanced demands of development projects at urban metropolises, Vizocom’s range of technologies enrich and catalyze technological obstacles in Communication, IT Infrastructure, Security, and Internet access.

Single Source Convenience

Vizocom’s breadth of IT solutions has saved construction companies significant time & resources that may have instead been used on other avenues. We offer contractors the single-source convenience in acquiring IT Services from to IT supply, camp security, Telecommunication, Internet, Networks, that allows for centralized logistics that cut down on valuable time & resources.

Our wide network of partners, offices around the globe and organized teams of specialists & local manpower are our key advantage to other ICT providers in the Middle East.

Communications anywhere and on demand

Vizocom enables contractors on major projects access to their own dedicated communications service. The needs to book to third-party communication facilities or spend time communicating inefficiently through obsolete means are eliminated by having their own mobile & communication service on site and on remote areas. This helps them to operate efficiently and pro-actively on site to complete projects sooner. With 24/7 on-call and post-installation support, Vizocom’s services perfectly complements any construction contractor’s drive to accomplish projects faster, safer, and easier.

Protecting Assets

From medium scale development to large infrastructure projects, it is no doubt critical to protect contractors’ assets and manpower in the construction camp. With video Surveillance on-site, live stream footage of the construction camp’s progress can be monitored as well as strengthen camp security.

Vizocom also makes it possible for contractors to receive real-time alerts of incidents and emergencies as well as stream live video back to your control room from anywhere in the world. This helps you comply with HSE obligations and peace of mind to your on-site teams.