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Education Solution With Technology

Vizocom recognizes the importance of a good education, and we believe that technology solutions will improve the quality of education and make the learning process more efficient. As more people seek education, distance learning has become an important initiative for schools around the world.

Vizocom serves the education sector by providing services such as setup of computers, procurement of IT equipment, setup of advanced audio-video training technologies, and most importantly, providing satellite communication services for distance learning.

Extending the Reach of Education

Satellite technology enables interactive distance learning that improves productivity, provides an accessible education platform, and is cost effective. The purpose of the communications platform is to deliver the digital content of the educational solution to the schools. Regardless of the school or the student’s geographic location around the globe, satellite communication reaches every corner so it ensures quality education and training to students. Because of this immense reach, satellite communication plays a very important role in education.

Education through Satellite Communications

Satellite broadband technology allows rural communities to experience the same level of education and services that urban areas enjoy. Satellite connectivity can be delivered anywhere within a country or across the globe, making satellite services very cost-effective for distance education and training. While schools want to break down the barriers that separate distance classrooms from the main campus, they also want to to improve the efficiency and cost of delivering courses remotely. Utilizing satellite enables videoconferencing, live lectures via telephone, and even real-time collaborative tools, such as a digital whiteboard where content can be modified in real time, all at a low cost.

Education Solution Highlights

Satellite communications support Internet, data, telephony, voice and video conferencing, and multimedia streaming which are services needed for remote education solutions. VSAT networks enable computer-based instructions, digital schoolbooks and exams, and Interactive Distant Learning (IDL). VSAT networks for remote education are commonly deployed in rural locations, and they are entirely independent of terrestrial infrastructure so they can be expanded easily when necessary. Having a VSAT network installed at remote school locations also means that schools can add additional projects that require connectivity without the need for any extra equipment or installation.