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Governmental - Vizocom - Leading IT & ELV Company in the Middle East and Africa


Service And Support

Government Services encompass all the frontiers of technology with very strict and defined sets of standards to meet. Where on-demand and resilient requirements for data, voice, security, network and IT services demand high performance, availability and utmost reliability, Vizocom delivers the world over.

Whether the end-user is a military department operations, a government office, a public service infrastructure, or a head department, Vizocom’s products and services provide them with that all-essential access to voice, broadband data, security, and Network Infrastructure where and when needed.

Priority Communications and Support

Today’s governments operate in a complex, fast-paced environment, often beyond the reach of reliable, average networks & IT Services. Top decision-makers can only rely on the communications & data services offered by a similarly conscientious ICT integrator that could meet the challenges with a plethora of proven & advanced range of ICT capabilities. Vizocom delivers these ends with a strong suite of solutions and the 24/7 support that completes it.

Supporting Military Operations

We’ve been supporting governments to carry out their duties on military operations in the Middle East for many years. As the diversity of tasks expected of military personnel continue to grow, so does Vizocom’s ability to meet them with our evolving IT & communications services that focus on rapid deployment, geographical independent data services, and security solutions to service camps and life support facilities.


In emergency situations, all elements of a government entity need to be able to deliver a resilient communications network to support likely responders. Vizocom’s reliable, always-available VSAT, Internet-over-Fiber and MPLS data & communications services support them to fulfill these critical functions. Our wide partnership with globally-acclaimed PAGA, Access Control, and Fire Alarm/Suppressions System manufacturers enable us to integrate systems with high levels of optimization. This, combined with our focus on delivering value-added IT services & support provides governments the peace of mind only Vizocom can deliver.