IT & Telecommunication

IT & Telecommunication

As a pioneer in the Internet industry, Vizocom has been offering a wide range of IT & communication services in various sectors that require turnkey, scalable, and innovative solutions. We, as an IT company, are continually working to implement and design the latest IT network solutions in Iraq and the whole MEA region. Our Internet professionals work on various custom designs that are tailored to suit your business requirements and give you a competitive edge through value-based solutions.

Working continuously for clientele and customers, Vizocom has always stood by its ethics of professionalism and hard work to become the best IT network solutions provider across Iraq and the whole MEA region. There is no denying the fact that while working in various IT sectors, we have been continually enhancing our business operations through a seamless interface with Unified Communication Platforms (UCP).

Integrating IT technologies with required communication portals, we are always ready to serve our customer base with equivalent and effective telecommunication solutions in Iraq and the whole MEA region. Vizocom focuses on delivering a successful integration of complex systems requiring specialized skills with a high level of expertise. To maintain the stability in IT procedure with different analogies, we are working with the top certified professionals to help the customer base in an easy understanding of the services. Being the best telecommunication solutions provider in Iraq and the whole MEA region, we recognize the critical areas of importance for our customers when considering counter for proper workflow and maintain the features of availability, adaptability, manageability, and security in IT services.

It is rightly said- ‘A strong Communication and network foundation is the key to business agility and competitiveness in the technology-dependent Internet era.’ Working on the same guideline, we, at Vizocom, have started working on some of the most advanced IT networks and Interface; keeping essentials of IT as our core services of impact.  Our IT network solutions in Iraq and the whole MEA region are similar to the top company, CISCO, which provides quick and intelligent IT services with quality of service (QoS).

Our IT & Communication solution includes:

Network Solutions

VIZOCOM’s advanced network foundation from technology leaders gives us the edge through this technology-dependent Internet era

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Wireless Solutions

VIZOCOM wireless solutions has a broad range of application needs including outdoor, real-time indoor, and low-power process instrumentation.

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Voice & Video Solutions

For many years, VIZOCOM has conducted design, procurement, setup and configuration of IP Telephony, and Video Conferencing.

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