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Vizocom holds second Oil and Gas Technology workshop

June 29, 2019

Event to raise awareness about Iraq’s booming oil and gas market; challenges and solutions

Dubai, UAE, October 16th 2014 – Vizocom’s Second Oil and Gas Technology Event/ Workshop was held in Dubai’s at elegant Conrad Hotel on October 15th 2014. The event was organized by Vizocom to bring its clients and partners together to interact in order to discuss the challenges, suggest solutions, and interchange experience and lessons learned by customers and partners alike in Iraq’s volatile but lucrative Oil & Gas business.

VIP clients such as Shell, Basra Gas Company, China Petroleum Engineering, ZPEC, Arabian Industries, Halliburton, Supplycore, Supreme Group, Saipem, Halt Group, INCO, ALMCO and NYMC were among the participants of this event.

The event was conceived by Vizocom, in close support and cooperation of its key technology partners Cisco, Airbus Defence and Space, Exterity, Axis, Redline and Thuraya with active interest in Iraqi O&G market, in order to showcase their combined capabilities and present new and more powerful and comprehensive ICT and Security solutions to IOCs and other major players in this emerging market. Many of the participants expressed their appreciation for the efforts and thanked for the information disseminated in the event which will help them make better decisions for their projects in Iraq.

Vizocom had previously organized a similar event last May with critical success which was attended by major companies operating in the Middle East and Iraq including but not limited to ExxonMobil, Petronas, Petrochina, Oilserv, INCO, Nabors, Orascom, Ecolog, PAE, Specialist Group, Weir, Halliburton. The first event propelled Vizocom further to broaden the awareness of its’ clients operating in the region. To enrich the second event even further, Vizocom invited Mr. Diego Perez Claramunt, Shell’s Social Performance Manager for the MENA region, and Mr. Abiodun Morolari, Infrastructure Projects Program Manager for Basra Gas Company (BGC is a Joint Venture between Shell and Iraqi State company South Gas Company) as two keynote speakers. Mr. Perez elaborated on how Social Performance matters in growing O&G business of Iraq and how technologies can play a critical role to achieve this. Mr. Morolari, shared his rich experience on the challenges in delivering the IT infrastructure projects and.

The event included an open house and Q/A session with the representatives from Cisco, Airbus Defence and Space, Exterity, Axis, Redline, Thuraya and Vizocom. It was quite an interactive session where part of the discussion was the challenges all faced to fulfil their business needs. This gave the participants a clear picture on the solutions within their reach and provided an opportunity to meet our key partners as we continue to strive in finding ways in addressing IT and communications requirements for Iraq as a whole.


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