Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Vizocom recognizes the world’s increasing need for energy. With the rise in demand for its extraction, exploration and processing, is also the demand to optimize operations through efficient communication and the advancement & utilization of appropriate technologies. Vizocom makes it easy for Oil & Gas companies to integrate the necessary technologies needed to effectively communicate between remote & hazardous locations and offices.

Our solutions connect multiple technologies ranging from Remote Internet Connectivity, Voice & Communication, Security, and Networks—we unify and fine tune them optimally to each client’s requirements and seamlessly integrate as a turn-key solution.

Extending Operational Reach

Vizocom’s VSAT, MPLS & Internet over Fiber Services enable Oilfields and remote locations the freedom to connect on any part of the globe—overcoming the hindrance of geographical challenges. Our WAN & VPN Solutions offer a globally diversified operation that unifies networks, operations, company services and communication across multiple offices on different geographical locations.

Keeping your Oilfields Secure

Oilfield refining, Oil exploration camps, and offshore drilling are some of the most complex and large-scale engineering operation that any Oil & Gas company would want to critically protect. Our CCTV & Access Control System solutions have provided large & well-known oilfield camps on maximum security—protecting perimeter, monitoring camp operations, as well as moderating the camp’s human & vehicular access. Our Fire Alarm, PAGA & Fire Suppression solutions not only provide companies peace of mind, but also serve as a critical utility for efficiently managing risks, announcements, and guaranteed safety.

Keeping you informed

Vizocom, being Iraq’s sole partner of the world’s Astrium provides integrated IP PBX system with minimal equipment and rapid deployment for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Our multi-technology solutions in communication offer IP-PBX, Voice, and Video conferencing capabilities that allow oil and gas companies to set up conferencing with multiple & remote participants simultaneously. Conferencing provides a powerful tool for communication, collaboration, and training essential in this industry.

Vizocom also addresses the needs of the oil and gas industry with Voice over IP (VoIP) communications solution that delivers seamless interoperability with existing or new networks.