Top 5 Ideas for IOT That Could Change your Life

Top 5 Ideas for IOT That Could Change your Life

As I explained in my previous post “What is IOT? A short, simple explanation”, the “Internet of Things” or IOT-related technologies are booming at an unpredictable pace. There are literally hundreds of thousands of new ideas on how we can benefit from the IOT concept and the list is expanding on an hourly basis.

In this post, I’ve tried to share the top 5 IOT ideas that can considerably change the way we live in the next few years, noting that the technology for all the ideas is already available:

1) Integration of Virtual Reality Glasses and IOT

Virtual Reality is probably one of the most hot technology topics that is expanding at an extraordinary pace these days. Now imagine that you are wearing your new, nice-looking VR glasses that include a small speaker-mike and is also connected to the internet through IOT – you will have all kind of possible facilities:

  • You are automatically informed of emergency messages and can quickly read the ones you decide to read or have them read for you.
  • When walking in the street, the people you know are highlighted in the crowd (being detected by their mobiles or IOT devices)
  • You can speak to the VR headset asking for the closest drugstore and the directions are shown in front of your eyes and when the store is in your eyesight, it is specifically highlighted.
  • You can have your shopping list shared and as you pass by each store, whatever is in your shopping list that is available in the store is listed with their prices.
  • And an endless list of other features and possibilities…

2) Medical Wearables

Imagine that you and your family have smart watches that also monitor each person’s location, movement, health status, and all are connected to the Internet:

  • In case of an abnormal health condition, the watch automatically alerts you and suggests the primary medical recommendations.
  • If required, concerned people are automatically informed of the survival emergency, or an ambulance is called to the location while constantly sharing the health status of the patient.
  • If a child goes out of the defined geo-boundaries, parents are automatically alerted.
  • If a grandparent is sensed to have not moved for an unreasonably long period, or is in an unexpected location, an alert is sent to concerned people, specifying the exact location.
  • If you are under medication monitoring and your heartbeat goes higher than anticipated, your doctor is automatically informed and your health condition is shared.

3) Intelligent Home Appliances

Intelligent home appliances that are internet connected are definitely one of the interesting usages of IoT in very near future. Some examples are:

  • Your fridge checks the contents (identified through RFID tags placed to each food package) against a list defined by you once a day and automatically orders for the shortage through your selected shop.
  • Your coffee maker automatically prepares the coffee by sensing your approach to home through your smart watch location.
  • Your music station automatically continues playing the music you were listening to while driving in your car, from the point you took out of the car to enter your home.
  • Your TV set automatically senses when you are present watching the TV and would inform you of any emergency messages you might have received on your phone or through email.

4) Smart Vehicles

Smart vehicles are already in their final stages of development by most well-known car manufacturers. Some ideas you can find very commonly used in the next few years could be:

  • While you drive, you would be informed of best paths to reach destination, of any nearby car accidents, high traffic situations, road conditions, or danger zones.
  • Your vehicle would talk to you as your assistant and would follow instructions such as answering an email, to reserve a restaurant or flight ticket, to connect a phone conversation or automatically answer is phone call.
  • After you get out of the vehicle, your vehicle would automatically park itself in the free available location in the parking lot, sending the parked location to your mobile.
  • It would automatically alert you on any possible accidents or even take control preventing one.
  • It would brief you on the closest hotels or restaurants and would lead you to the one you select.
  • It would sense if you are falling sleep or not conscious enough to drive and would recommend a rest or would enforce it if necessary.

5) Automated Homes

IOT would certainly also change the future of our homes in the next few years. Almost all parts of the home, from lights, doors, windows, air conditioning systems, and even trash bins are expected to be part of IOT. The homes would be also expected to be equipped with intelligent CCTV camera systems.

This would enable many facilities that might not be currently easily imaginable – just as a few examples:

  • The home’s lighting and temperature is automatically adjusted based on tracking the locations of people and each individual’s habits.
  • Doors are automatically opened for approved personnel with no need for a key while preventing access to unauthorized people.
  • Kids’ movements are intelligently tracked and an alert is sent to parents if needed.
  • An emergency number is called in case of any accidents or emergencies happening in the home.
  • Your mirror automatically reminds you of the agenda for the day after sensing who is standing in front of it every morning.
  • Trash collection is automatically requested once the trash bin is full.


Above are only a few ideas that are mostly already available or in the final stages of development. As mentioned before, we are entering a new arena of internet technology based on the IOT concept which will probably prove to be the turning point of technological revolution that started with invention of the internet and had a major breakthrough in the presentation of mobile devices and cloud computing. Are you ready for it?