Wireless Solutions


Terrestrial Microwave links may be the only alternative for reliable, cost-effective high volume communications in countries with rapidly changing economic and social environments but lacking a solid communications infrastructure. Depending on the application and environment, VIZOCOM’s engineers use advanced technology systems from Redline, Cambium, Harris, SIAE, Proxim, Tranzeo and NEC in their designs and solution developments. We work with these industry leaders to design special solutions that will satisfy your needs for years to come.


Mobility and Wireless Solutions enable organizations to be more productive throughout the working day. Based on Cisco Borderless Networks concept, VIZOCOM Services for Wireless LAN help you meet your business and technical goals with customized wireless deployment based on industry-proven performance, security, and scalability. These services improve and support deployment success helping you to cost-effectively support mobile access to business-critical applications, real-time mobile collaboration, and the development of new business models based on mobility solutions. We can work with your team to determine the best combination of coverage and capacity to ensure the highest performance for your applications.


Instant communications, exchange of critical information and security monitoring are vital tools in many large industries. Radio Communications are universally recognized as the most efficient and cost-effective solution to meet these needs and ensure smooth day-to-day administrative and operational procedures. VIZOCOM’s experts can help you identify and source the most effective technology for your business and support you as you integrate this into your operation. We have supplied Codan, Motorola, Icom and Kenwood radio equipment to government agencies and private companies in construction, security, oil & gas and transportation sectors. This also includes ATEX certified Radios for Oil & Gas Sector.