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Your one-step shop for all your ICT Needs - Vizocom - Leading IT & ELV Company in the Middle East and Africa

Your one-step shop
for all your ICT Needs

Consider VIZOCOM as your one-stop partner for procurement of all your
IT and Communications needs.


Vizocom’s Supply Chain Services is second to none because we have based our philosophy on being one with our customer. When we receive your requests, we become you and we work hard to find the best solution for you requirements and budget. While we have some of the best technology partners including but not limited to Cisco, Dell, HP, Samsung, Bosch, Axis, Exterity, Tyco, Motorola and Microsoft, our commitment is to our customers and not to our vendors. We select the right product and technology in order to become our client’s one stop shop.

Vizocom is a key partner with leading vendors such as: