With the advent of high-speed internet services, the use of VSAT technology is on the rise. People are now seen enjoying the benefits of satellite internet to make their tedious-looking tasks easier than ever. Vizocom is one of the leading VSAT service providers offering quality internet via satellite in Afghanistan. We are fully registered in Afghanistan and have been operating there since 2007. We cover the whole country with not only our satellite footprint, but also terrestrial internet services. Vizocom’s network coverage enables various enterprises to operate in remote, rugged locations where no communication infrastructures are present.

Vizocom provides reliable network infrastructure and communication solutions to various industries in the region for efficient, productive and smooth business operations with shared or dedicated VSAT internet service, as well as internet over fiber. Today, there are so many satellite internet solutions in the VSAT services and VSAT equipment market that it’s hard to tell which one will work best and for which purposes. Our goal is to provide a VSAT service that fits your needs the most with a plan for your growth. We also provide internet via satellite in Afghanistan and nearby locations to  help businesses get leads from a handful of computers to a WAN or WiMAX coverage area.

As an ICT company, we at Vizocom take bold and effective steps to come up with the best internet via satellite in Afghanistan. We are continually working with full zeal and enthusiasm to help customers with terrestrial-grade internet experience quality voice, video, and data services while maintaining the communication gap at the same time. With VSAT services, our core engineers are working towards offering ubiquitous coverage through multiple satellites via the KA band and KU band. Keeping VSAT technology at the top of our list of services, we continually help our Afghanistan customer base get faster than dial-up connections to overcome all physical barriers with proper satellite connections.