Satellite Internet Africa

We live in a world where most people receive internet services through their phone lines and  fiber optic cables. That is the reason why more and more households and businesses are turning to satellite these days. With satellite internet, a land-based internet connection sends the signal to a satellite dish, which then redirects the signal to a personal satellite dish and this signal is transferred through a modem. Today, many businesses are seeking the help of VSAT technology to get access to satellite communicating devices.

Vizocom provides broad and superior ICT, ELV, and Telecommunication services in Africa. With Vizocom’s various services, we are streamlining satellite internet in Africa, with years of expertise and a dedicated offering of satellite internet services in all African countries except for Morocco. Vizocom’s coverage enables various companies to operate in remote, rugged locations where no communication infrastructures are present.

As an ISO 9001 Certified US-based Company, Vizocom strives to provide customers with the highest standards of quality and standard services. We are dedicated to offering internet via satellite in Africa and Asia. Our professionals have always maintained their integrity and sovereignty in providing satellite services with equal contribution to the areas of the network and communications. These have helped us to serve the African customer base with productive and smooth business operations. We are offering  our internet services via VSAT internet to help African businesses get the benefits of services like-BGAN, M2M/SCADA/Tracking, VoIP, and Equipment Supply Services successfully.

Vizocom is striving to provide cutting edge, seamless satellite connectivity with the help of our technology and value added partners in Africa. We also offer an ICT and Procurement solutions outside of Africa, as well as internet via satellite in global locations like Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Europe.