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Are Satellite Internet Services For Business A Good Option?

There is always a debate about the best technology for internet connectivity for companies and businesses. In major cities in developed countries, business owners have many choices in internet services as well as internet providers.
In rural areas and in developing nations and regions, the options for internet for business are often more restricted. Infrastructure may not be present to allow for cable or fiber optics internet connections, and even broadband services may not be possible.

In these areas, satellite internet services provide a reliable connection. Internet over satellite technology can also be used for shipping companies, cruise lines, and offshore drilling platforms. Satellite internet is an option for internet connectivity virtually anywhere on the globe.

Our Satellites
At Vizocom, we offer 15 different satellites in our fleet. This allows us to provide coverage of over six continents and multiple countries and regions. Our network provides satellite internet services for business in the Middle East, South America, Europe, Russia, Central and South-West Asia, and Africa. Our system is designed to provide specific coverage to countries and regions, as well as across three oceans.

We use a combined C-band as well as Ku-band system and platform, which provides the solution for satellite internet services for business with a global coverage. With our dedication to maintenance and proactive management of our network, along with around the clock, 365 coverage for technical support for our customers, we provide businesses with the internet connectivity they need to compete in a global market.

Our experience in providing quality satellite internet services across oceans, as well as remote and underserved areas of the world makes us a top choice for startup businesses or existing companies looking for a reliable internet provider. To find out more, see us online or contact us for specific information in your location.


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