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Critical Communications for the Mining Industry

The mining industry is facing a challenging situation where the scarcity of resources is compelling mining companies to operate in increasingly remote environments. These remote mining sites are usually cut off from telecommunication infrastructures, and in situations where they are available, these telecommunication networks are usually unreliable most of the time.

Mining VSAT

There is a vital need for effective and reliable mission-critical communications between remote sites and corporate offices to improve efficiency, meet production targets, and attain commercial goals. The ability to deliver voice, data, and video connectivity will greatly affect each element of a site’s operations, from exploration, development, operation, to relocation. Located in some of the world’s most inhospitable and remote areas, mine sites often struggle to establish and maintain constant communications not only with the outside world, but internally as well.

Over the years, satellite communications have played an increasingly important role in the evolution of remote sites in the mining industry. Satellite solutions provide the communications means that optimizes all stages of remote site development. VSAT Internet services are providing flexible and cost-effective video, voice and data services for remote sites, meeting the growing demand for uninterrupted connectivity – resulting to increased operational efficiencies, cost savings, and improved safety.

In the mining industry, communications is the main difference maker in staying ahead of the competition. VSAT Internet services and solutions allow mining companies to share important data between the remote mine sites, in-country offices, and corporate headquarters – thus delivering the real-time decision-making necessary for profitability in an industry where time is money.

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