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How MPLS Works


MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is a transport mechanism standard data created by the IETF and defined in RFC 3031. It operates between the data link layer and the network layer of the OSI model. It was designed to unify the data transport service for circuit-based and packet-based networks. It can be used to transport different types of traffic, including voice traffic and IP packets.

In a technology environment where everything is changing so frequently being fast is the key to success. We as a company are eager to deliver customized communication solutions that effectively meet the requirements of next-generation network operators, service providers and ISPs in transferring data from anywhere to anywhere. a dedicated team to design customized solutions for your data & voice connectivity, we provide companies around the globe with the ability to connect and transfer data seamlessly, securely and reliably.

MPLS replaced Frame Relay and ATM as the preferred technology to carry high-speed data and digital voice in a single connection. MPLS not only provides greater reliability and higher performance but can often reduce transport costs through increased network efficiency. Its ability to prioritize packages that transport voice traffic makes it the perfect solution to carry voice calls over IP or VoIP.

Multiprotocol Label Switching MPLS represents a set of standards-based technologies, which combine layer 3 routing with layer 2 switching, for sending packets, using fixed-length short labels. This aims to solve problems presented in current networks, such as speed and delay, scalability, QoS quality management, and traffic engineering. MPLS technology is a solution for multiprotocol switching:

  • It introduces a connection-oriented structure in networks that were originally not connection-oriented (IP networks).
  • Optimizes routing, significantly reducing the complexity of the algorithms.
  • Maintains a state of communication between two nodes.
  • It allows introducing QoS in IP networks.
  • Optimizes the establishment of tunnels in VPNs

The benefits of the company using MPLS is its flexibility, it is very easy to upgrade and downgrade, the performance is guaranteed, it supports multiple applications for data, voice, and video applications.

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