How VSAT Supports Multiple Markets in One Platform

The global VSAT market has traditionally consisted of specialized service providers, each focused on specific vertical markets and regions. Until now, specialization and customer intimacy have been the key differentiators for most vendors.

However, as the industry consolidates and bandwidth demand skyrockets, economies of scale will become the primary competitive advantage. In addition, with the advent of High Throughput Satellites (HTS), satellite operators will be compelled to start offering managed services (in Mbps) across multiple spot beams and vertical markets.

VSAT Supports

Key Characteristics of a Multiservice Platform

To support a wide range of applications while maximizing economies of scale, a flexible, efficient, and scalable multiservice VSAT platform is required. Below are the five key characteristics of a multiservice VSAT platform.
VSAT Supports
Newtec’s unique Newtec Dialog multiservice platform offers these key enablers and supports an unparalleled range of applications. Everything from Business to Consumer (B2C) to high-end cellular backhaul and mobility can be supported on this single platform.

Modem Types

It is of key importance to offer a range of modems that meets diverse technical requirements and price points. Below are Newtec modems that are streamlined for specific requirements:

  1. For the lower-end, the Newtec MDM2000 line of modems provides a cost-effective B2C solution, based on the robust MF-TDMA technology. MF-TDMA is optimized for bursty traffic and can scale to hundreds of thousands of terminals.
  2. For the mid-range enterprise market, the MDM3000 series of modems provides the perfect balance of cost and performance. Mx-DMA assigns dedicated SCPC carriers to each terminal but adjusts the symbol rate, frequency, MODCOD and transmits power every second in response to variable bandwidth demand and changing radio frequency conditions. This unique approach delivers the efficiency of SCPC with the dynamic bandwidth allocation capabilities of MF-TDMA. The MDM3000 series can also operate in MF-TDMA or SCPC modes, further increasing its versatility.
  3. For the high-end enterprise market, the MDM6000 series of modems provide solutions for the high-speed and point-to-point backbone market, supporting speeds up to 425 Mbps (duplex) and MODCODs up to 256APSK. The MDM6000 supports the new DVB-S2X standard and it incorporates Newtec’s Bandwidth Cancellation (BWC) technology that allows two carriers to be transmitted in an overlay fashion, providing record-breaking spectral efficiencies. MDM6000

The Rise of Multiservice Platforms

In order to address the high-end backhaul and mobility markets, Newtec is developing next-generation Newtec Dialog modems that will offer industry-leading performance and efficiency. Supporting the latest DVB-S2X waveform, wideband carriers and unprecedented throughput, Newtec Dialog will maximize the capabilities of upcoming HTS. From a commercial perspective, it is key to offer a flexible licensing model and a modular hub architecture which enables service providers and satellite operators to start small and “pay-as-they-grow”. With a simple upgrade path, Newtec customers can add outbound carriers, return technologies and throughput capabilities to efficiently address new opportunities and markets.

The VSAT industry is undergoing a radical transformation, both from a commercial and technical perspective. The next generation of service providers will be required to address an unprecedented range of applications while driving massive economies of scale. Having the right multiservice platform will be the key to success in this new VSAT paradigm.

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