Mission-critical Communications for NGOs

Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) provide services, assistance, and aid to people and promote human rights, the environment, and health. NGOs seek to provide emergency humanitarian relief to victims of disasters or human conflicts, and they aim to promote long-range economic and social development in impoverished nations. NGOs also seek to promote respect for human rights, monitor human rights abuses, and promote peace by encouraging nonviolent conflict resolution. Their mission is to be present where people are lacking all the essentials of life, good environmental conditions, health, and security.


In areas where lives are at stake, the need for reliable communications for NGOs is critical. NGOs usually operate in remote or hostile environments, and their missions usually require their presence in locations where telecommunications infrastructures are damaged or unavailable. It is very important that NGOs in the field have access to reliable communication systems that provide internet connectivity and telephony services that can be utilized for missions such as training and education, information dissemination, emergency response, and humanitarian aid.

vsat ngo

VSAT technology is the perfect communication solution for NGOs. Due to the limited availability of infrastructure in remote or war-torn areas, NGOs rely on VSAT technologies and satellite systems to share information with their headquarters and other relief agencies. VSAT services also allow NGOs to improve the efficiency of their relief and development efforts, as well as help establish new field offices, improve local development, and support direct post-disaster relief. VSAT services allow first responders to have immediate access to reliable communications that help save people’s lives during disasters, and allow for faster delivery of aid during humanitarian relief operations.


NGOs and Humanitarian Aid agencies need instant infrastructure that delivers communications for voice, video, and data networks to any location, especially the most inaccessible or devastated environments. VSAT terminals can supply NGOs with an instant infrastructure that can be deployed quickly to provide communications to remote workers and field offices. VSAT networks not only facilitate the daily operations of field offices, they also provide a secure link to family and friends of the aid workers and victims alike.

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