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Connectivity Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas industry operates in remote onshore and offshore environments where telecommunication infrastructures are usually unavailable or very unreliable. Because the locations are changing constantly and the site conditions are challenging, the use of land-based communications are not very reliable or practical. The Oil and Gas industry relies on productivity to prosper, and to achieve productivity goals, reliable telecommunications solutions are required for remote sites such as rigs, pipelines, and ships.


With the industry’s fast pace, crucial decisions are made in an instant, and getting the most up to date information is of great importance. This is why real-time communications that can operate around the world, at land or at sea, is imperative for the Oil and Gas industry. This real-time communications requirement is fully covered by satellite solutions through VSAT. VSAT services can provide the Oil and Gas industry with connectivity options that are unmatched by any terrestrial system in terms of reliability and uptime.

VSAT solutions for the Oil and Gas industry includes telephony, Internet, file transfer, VPN, and SCADA/M2M services that are used by exploration teams, tanker fleets, pipeline operators, gas plants, oil refineries, remote offices, drilling crews, and offshore operations. VSAT reliability is around 99.9% uptime, ensuring that remote sites are always connected and crucial communication links are always available when needed.

Despite a significant decrease in oil prices, the demand remains high, and while spending on exploration may slow down over the next few years while prices are down, offshore drilling and operations will remain strong. In addition, decreased oil prices do not affect the communications needs of active ships, vessels, and rigs that are offshore and unreachable by traditional terrestrial technologies. This means that the demand for satellite communications in the Oil and Gas industry will remain strong since it is required for monitoring and providing offshore personnel with communications.

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