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The Possibility Of Fiber Internet Providers In Iraq

Fiber Internet Providers in Iraq

The Possibility Of Fiber Internet Providers In Iraq

In many urban areas of Iraq, terrestrial internet options provide top quality connectivity for businesses and companies of all sizes. In more remote areas, including in the oil fields as well as in cities and smaller urban areas, internet services over fiber can provide connectivity for businesses.

Pairing the fiber internet with VSAT backup is recommended by the top providers, ensuring their customers have the connectivity they need and the redundancy in the system to ensure top uptime results.

Within the Country

Fiber internet providers have the equipment on the ground as well as the experienced teams to be able to install terrestrial fiber networks in many areas. The cost of these installations can be considerable, particularly when there are limited end-users in any one location.

There are established fiber internet providers with current networks of fiber already in place to the major cities, more rural population areas as well as in the oil fields. By utilizing the services of these companies, businesses and corporations can access the existing infrastructure to access quality high-speed internet capable of handling all user requirements.

The established providers in Iraq have an exceptional reputation for uptime using the VSAT backup as a safety net to ensure connectivity. With some providers, this is as high as 99% reliability in the most remote locations, which is equal or better to the service found in the major urban areas.

The Last Mile

For businesses, outside of the current fiber-to-the-premises networks, fiber internet providers often use microwave links to ask as “last mile” connections. With short distance transmission, these microwave links are very stable and offer a point-to-point connection with no loss of reliability and uptime.

Additionally, security is included in the packages, allowing companies to access a firewall through the provider which is proactively monitored. Not only will the firewall be continually monitored, by the system itself is managed and support teams on the ground are there to immediately address any issues for seamless service and connectivity.

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