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Satellite Internet Services For Rural Areas

In the vast majority of countries and regions around the world, particularly in developing regions, internet service to rural areas is particularly challenging for many service providers. At Vizocom, we recognize this lack of service throughout many areas of the world, including in Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, as well as in South America. Through our network, we are able to provide high quality, reliable, and scalable satellite internet services for rural areas in these regions.

Our Options

We customize our solutions and services to suit specific environmental conditions and user requirements to create the ideal internet services for our customers in rural areas. This is done individually, with a bespoke plan in place to ensure the business has the bandwidth and the the reliability required in order to provide top quality internet with the ability to rival services found in major centers.

Vizocom offers both Ku-band and C-Band VSAT Internet solutions. VSAT stands for Very-small-aperture terminals, which create a two-way communication via satellite between the remote location and base terminal.

To provide consistent and reliable bandwidth to rural areas, we offer dedicated VSAT internet services. This is ideal for a company with large data transfers or high-volume traffic through their system.

For a lower-cost option, companies with less demanding requirements can choose our shared VSAT services. These are a cost-effective option without any loss of quality or ability to access the internet as needed.

The choice of our satellite internet services and systems allows for mobility, which is ideal for many types of applications. Our service and support teams are always available, addressing any challenges with connectivity, even with remote and mobile systems.

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