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Why Vizocom is the number one choice for VSAT in Africa?

As one of the leading VSAT providers in Africa, Vizocom provides highly reliable internet services even in very remote areas of the continent. The benefit of VSAT technology is that it provides very reliable internet services with a very wide coverage without depending on any local terrestrial network.

The VSAT system uses a big dish antenna at the central hub, with multiple small dish antenna or nodes. These nodes are at specific locations in remote areas, creating a network that allows for the reception and transmission of data using satellite signals between the hub and the nodes.

With the difficulty of terrestrial internet systems expansion and lack of infrastructure found in much of Africa, our internet over VSAT services allow businesses and relief and humanitarian agencies to maintain contact wherever they may travel within Africa. This level of mobility, coupled with high reliability and support for VoIP phones and data transmission, makes our VSAT solution an essential link in opening up new areas and bringing business and services to people.

Ease and Speed of Deployment

In our role as one of the leading VSAT providers in Africa, we have teams on the ground to allow for rapid deployment. We already have multiple satellites in our 15 satellite fleet covering the continent, and our teams can be rapidly sent to the location to set up a customized solution for each customer. Our teams will provide training, allowing businesses, corporations, and groups using the system to have the knowledge and ability to have quick and reliable internet connectivity.

As with our VSAT systems around the world, we also provide scalability for business expansion. As one of the VSAT providers offering 99.7% or greater uptime, we can provide the service to meet the needs of our customers.

To find out more about our VSAT satellite solutions, contact the experts at Vizocom by dropping us an email.


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