Article   February 4, 2020

Organizations in far-flung and secluded areas need secure connections for the best communication. In such terrains, companies cannot rely on microwave or fiber signal services for a seamless communication.

 Also, for industries having operations in inaccessible terrains, for example, in the forests, deserts, over the seas, under the ground, and while aboard in planes require robust communication solutions.

It is especially important during mission-critical projects as required by military services or mining and security industry. Apart from this, shipping, construction as well as media and broadcasting sectors need robust internet connectivity solutions to help them accomplish tasks of high importance.

BGAN- Versatile Solution for Robust Communication & Connectivity Solutions

Thus, it is clear that companies are looking for reliable communications solutions in remote locations of the globe. At such times, the BGAN or Broad Global Area Network services along the mobile satellite internet service are of utmost utility. 

Excellent and unhindered communication is the key to a successful mission What organizations need is a trustworthy and reputable internet and communications services provider with the necessary infrastructure, offering them completely secure communication solutions in remote areas of the globe. The reverse can lead to undesirable outcomes and consequences that should not occur at any cost. Read on further to find out the various reasons why BGAN service is a fully uncompromised part of robust communication solutions for businesses and organizations requiring access to equipment data and critical network, in inaccessible areas.

Advantages of BGAN Connectivity

  • Customization: BGAN terminals are available in various styles, designs, and with varying degrees of capability. The choice of all these factors is based on the requirements of a project. The needs of utilities and energy industry company are quite large in magnitude as compared to some of the climbers on a mission to conquer Mount  Everest requires connecting with his friends and relatives back home.
  • Global coverage: It requires the use of I-4 satellites that are like geosynchronous bonds functioning with the use of the Inmarsat network and covering the various regions like Oceanic expanse, including the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Atlantic Ocean regions. This is a group of satellites covering nearly 95 percent of the Earth’s surface. One can say that BGAN truly comprehensive solutions for communications.
  • Easy-To-use: The BGAN terminals employ a highly-user friendly and streamlined technology.  Thus, users can easily use it for vast data transfers. You do not need any technical expertise for doing the same, and the tasks are simple to accomplish. It usually requires less than 5 minutes to establish voice and communications.
  • Miscellaneous Benefits: These are highly unobtrusive and can be used for fixed or portable BGAN terminals. The BGAN application, which is nearly the size on an average laptop, can assist in the performance of varied communication functions, for example, to send an email,  secure VPN, SMS,  video conferencing, file transfers, safe web browsing, live streamlining, surveillance and more.
    It is suitable for all industry types and can be easily adapted to give tailored solutions with simultaneous voice and broadband data. These are highly reliable, even in harsh weather conditions and remote locations.

Conclusively, one can say that for industries like mining, military, media, and broadcasting, to name a few; it is necessary to have a reliable and reputable provider offering the best BGAN and mobile satellite services.