Vizocom specializes in providing Internet over VSAT connectivity in harsh, remote environments across the globe

VSAT Internet Service Providers

Vizocom specializes in providing internet over VSAT solutions through Ku-Band, Ka-Band, and C-Band satellite links. Vizocom has years of experience in providing VSAT network design, integration and services to clients in remote locations throughout the world.

With special focus in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and South America, our Dedicated and shared VSAT solutions have helped businesses and organizations to successfully accomplish their business goals and missions with field-proven, VSAT technologies backed up with superior support services. We provide robust, secure and reliable platforms that provide cost-effective, professional, enterprise-wide connectivity for markets, governments, and militaries.

We offer highly reliable, fully managed, remote communication on different bands for VSAT and hybrid networks that are ‘always-on’ and offer fixed or on-demand monthly data costs. We support high quality, business level, and highly reliable dedicated and shared Ku-Band and C-Band VSAT solutions. These are perfect for corporations and enterprises operating in remote environments needing unlimited connectivity, as well as ISPs, small and medium businesses and clients who require reliable internet connectivity for a relatively small group of users.

Our Internet over VSAT solutions include:

  • Reliable, VSAT network connectivity for internet and voice.
  • Data and voice usage.
  • Web-based, real-time network monitoring tools.
  • Bandwidth control options with the ability to block/authorize devices with specific software applications.
  • 24/7 technical support in Vizocom’s global network monitoring center.
  • Network Security Management solutions for increased network protection.

As a leading VSAT internet provider, Vizocom offers dedicated technical support 24/7/365. Our expert teams are only a contact away to ensure that you are always afforded Technical Support anytime your company needs it. Our highly competent team of professionals is committed to provide effective onsite and off-site technical support, in any challenging environment.

In addition to VSAT services, Vizocom provides customers with superior ICT services that can fully complement with our VSAT or your current system in place. These services include VOIP, Video Conferencing, LAN and WLAN infrastructure, supply management, etc.