Vizocom specializes in providing internet connectivity solutions through Ku-Band, Ka-Band, and C-Band satellite links.

VSAT satellite can handle the data the same way as other communications technologies do. We at Vizocom try to incorporate VSAT technology to bridge the communication gap among companies relating to satellite internet services. To provide stability in satellite internet services, we work as VSAT service providers to overcome the hassle of band signal variations. We work on the KA and KU bands to help people get effective VSAT technology in varied locations. With a particular focus in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, and South America, our satellite internet solutions have helped businesses and organizations to accomplish their business with field-proven, professional VSAT satellite technologies backed up with superior network support services.

VIZOCOM Top Internet over VSAT services include:

  • Reliable, VSAT network connectivity for internet and voice.
  • Unlimited data and voice usage.
  • Web-based, real-time network monitoring tools.
  • Bandwidth control options with the ability to block/authorize devices with specific software applications.
  • 24/7 technical support in Vizocom’s global network monitoring center.
  • Network Security Management solutions for increased network protection.

As a top VSAT internet provider worldwide, Vizocom offers a powerful solution in troubleshooting with different network devices. Their engineers are using this VSAT technology to come up with the direct link between the satellite and the master earth station – to overall reduce the intermediaries relating to terrestrial cable connections.

All in all, the entire range of Internet over VSAT services from Vizocom come with full CIR and QoS prioritization for video and VOIP to guarantee service reliability. In addition to Ku-Band services (band signals), Vizocom also provides satellite services on the Internet via fiber technology on C-band. These services are provided by the top-rated band signal satellites.

In addition to VSAT services, Vizocom provides audiences with superior ICT services maintaining the equilibrium of quality professionalism and great partnership. These services include VOIP, Video Conferencing, LAN and WLAN infrastructure, supply management, etc.