Article   June 2, 2020

With the advent of high-speed internet technologies like LTE & Cloud Storage becoming necessities of today, many individuals are seeking VSAT internet. Coming up with a private earth station establishment with quality devices, VSAT wireless internet services best use is seen during any interruption and instability of signals!  Today, these top-notch services features like optimum bandwidth and low attenuation have made VSAT technology a way to buckle up in natural or human-made disasters, scenarios in which both commercial and dedicated terrestrial networks are connected! In recent times, many of the corporate offices, hospitality, and banking industry are seeking the address of top VSAT companies to transmit and receive signals to and from the satellite, so a loop of global connectivity is established.

When we talk about the companies taking quality initiatives of VSAT wireless internet in Africa, Vizocom top the charts from different reputed websites. There is no denying that as the top satellite internet professionals in Africa- they are seen taking all quality initiatives to help African audiences with VSAT wireless internet. Our professional-quality research showed true colors when we were able to come up with a backup Internet system in case of a disaster. Being one of the top VSAT service providers in Africa, we as satellite professionals are looking to boost Africa’s high corporate offices, hospitality, and banking industry with quality services. 

Now, let’s see which part of VSAT wireless internet connectivity is reliable for preparing a secure backup internet system.

The VSAT wireless internet system is comprised of antenna reflectors, typically less than 3.8 meters in diameter. A VSAT terminal is relatively simple, consisting of two primary components: The Outdoor and Indoor units.

The Outdoor Unit usually inboxes everything you see outside the building where the VSAT terminals and cables are located. It is a piece of perfect equipment that enables the terminal to transmit and receive signals to and from the satellite. The ODU includes:

  • The reflector (VSAT antenna dish)
  • The feed is used to transmits signals toward and receives messages back from the reflector
  • The Block Up converter (BUC) is used for transmission and consists of a local oscillator with amplifier option
  • The Low Noise Block Down converter (LNB) is used to receive the signals hassle-free

The Outdoor Unit, in many cases, is connected to an indoor VSAT component with an Intra-Facility Link cable to prevent duplexing. An optic cable is often used to eliminate this need. On the other side, the Indoor Unit (IDU) consists of the satellite modem and an IP router that connects to an Ethernet interface. It is here that the data being received by end-users, and data and commands, are entered into that’s usually transmitted back to the satellite.

There is no denying that today many businesses are surely satisfied that the scope in VSAT internet providers will help in the development of mesh topology, a method where one terminal will transmit information to other terminals via the satellite, minimizing the need for an uplink site. Today, businesses like Corporate offices, hospitality, and banking industry of African top cities are seeking VSAT infrastructure multiple uplink sites through a multi-star network to use VSAT as a private communications infrastructure tool.

How Corporate Offices, Hospitality, and Banking Industry of African Top Cities are benefited From VSAT Wireless Internet?

Corporate Offices

With the second-largest continent, Africa is a home of many different cities! Today, many people residing in Nigeria, Peru, and other cities are most often not equipped with LTE, 5G, and Cloud storage services. In such cases, many satellite internet professionals like us suggest setting a private earth station with VSAT technology with smart devices connected to terrestrial satellites. The best part of these terrestrial satellites is that they can help both urban and rural locations with better and effective communication. Today, there are many companies that are working on preparing a better gap of communication in the top African cities to cope with the need to get a better internet backup system. Working on the preparation of an internet backup system will better help the terrestrial satellite to seek broadband and narrowband data among individuals.

Hospitality and Business Industry

With the emergence of VSAT technology, the use of band signals has helped many businesses power up their interest system with both narrowband and broadband data. Today, many satellite internet industries are working on the quality framework to use VSAT in hospitality, banking, and other industry along with satellite internet solutions like Hughes Net and Inmarsat. Receiving the signals from VSAT wireless internet in Africa, many businesses like Vizocom are trying to level the communication gap along the VSAT infrastructure framework comprised of both input and output units. 

When it comes to the banking industry, many leading satellite professional like Vizocom has observed that the gap of communication with signals along satellite in African nations is so thin that people living there have one of the lowest rates of access to financial services anywhere in the world. To work on the same, many satellite professionals like us are seeking the better use of VSAT technology along with proper infrastructure setup. It is all done to help the top African cities core banking industry with the loop of satellite internet connectivity. 


All in all, if you, as an internet user, are seeking the top-notch services of VSAT wireless internet in Africa, Afghanistan, and other Middle East regions- connect with our Vizocom official website. Linking to us can lead you to better class solutions so you can better connect with our professionals who are always looking to walk the line of code and ethics each time!