Vizocom is a leading international provider of Security and Automation services, delivering a wide range of technology integration solutions to customers worldwide.

Our core mission is to supply satellite broadband Internet access and connectivity to our customers. Having access to an extensive fleet of satellites, Vizocom is one of the world’s most flexible and experienced providers of satellite data and voice connectivity. Our success is founded on offering our customers the most advanced satellite connectivity solutions available with true vendor independence, maintaining the highest standards of technical excellence.

Vizocom specializes in VSAT network design and integration in remote regions throughout the world. Our world class VSAT solutions provide customers with secure and reliable internet, voice, video and data connectivity to remote sites where terrestrial communication technologies cannot reach. Our VSAT services have the capability to offer multiple solutions, satellites and platforms, best suited and tailored to every individual customer requirement. With our experience in engineering the most efficient and cost-effective solution, we provide businesses with a customized solution, maximizing productivity and increasing efficiency.

With Vizocom’s industry-leading support, each of our customers enjoy convenient access to expert technical support based across the world available around the clock. Through our expertise and dedication to provide the best quality, we have helped businesses and organizations to successfully accomplish their business goals with field-proven, professional VSAT technologies backed up with superior support services. We provide robust, secure and reliable platforms that provide cost-effective, professional, enterprise-wide connectivity for virtually any professional data, video or audio application.