Article   December 9, 2020

Being the second-largest country in Central Africa, Chad is a landlocked Sahelian country that borders Libya to the north, Sudan to the east, the Central African Republic to the south and Niger to the west. Chad’s land surface presents a dramatic variety of geographic contrasts that help them make the best use of their natural and human resources. Chad’s global development is its landlocked location which incurs high transportation costs for imported goods and dependence on neighbouring countries for the better use of resources. The Chad-Cameroon Pipeline project is a perfect example of this. Oil and agriculture are mainstays of Chad’s economy. Currently, oil provides about 60% of export revenue while cotton, cattle, livestock and gum arabic provide the bulk of Chad’s non-oil exports. The services sector contributes about one-third of GDP and has attracted foreign investment, mostly through telecommunications and banking. We can say that Chad’s core sectors, like oil, petroleum and mining, are powered by the top VSAT internet services companies in Chad, Burkina Faso and other francophones (French-speaking African countries) nations. Many countries, like the USA and Russia, have helped NGOs and humanitarian organizations in Chad, get more people connected to VSAT internet services. 

Today, the internet penetration rate of VSAT internet services in Chad tells a story of success.  In 2020, the internet penetration rate rose to 14%, compared to just 2% in 2017. The number of internet users in Chad increased by 7.4% in January 2020. There are many reasons for internet connectivity with VSAT technology, helping people with smart devices and solutions for better penetration, and benefitting the core sectors. When it comes to the francophone countries, Chad’s global connectivity penetration rate has increased to 5% in 2020.

The only technology that has made it possible to connect resources with smart devices is VSAT internet services. It’s the set-up system which can take in the use of a transmitter, BUC, receiver and terrestrial satellites of core importance. 

Which Factors Promote VSAT Internet Services in Chad’s Global Connectivity? 

  • A center frame for the use of terrestrial satellites  

It’s often seen that many of the top businesses and organizations look for terrestrial and geosynchronous satellites for global connectivity needs. Generally, many internet service providers in Chad aspire to VSAT internet services for the best connectivity needs along rough terrains far-reaching distant locations. With terrestrial satellites, you can get internet connectivity with better natural resources and workforce.  

  • Use of built-in support applications

VSAT networks include easy-to-use, built-in support for retail applications, such as point of sale devices as well as fast authorization for debit and credit cards, without the need for third-party hardware or software solutions.

  •  Create a physical diverse path for back-up 

VSAT internet services in Chad are perfect for data transmission and back-up connectivity that supports an entirely diverse physical path for transmission. Instead of relying on a single device conduit as a point of failure for primary and back-up connections, companies can use VSAT internet services for a critical additional level of redundancy.

  • Being an Unbeatable multicast support 

When it comes to VSAT internet, using smart devices, like transponders and connectors, with satellite internet solutions is about making the perfect solution for distributing data, files, video and other information with electronic delivery receipts and immediate distribution.

  • Acts as a centralized network management solution

With VSAT internet services in Chad, users should look at the entire network from one of its redundant earth station locations. It means that their management solution can provide firewalling, virus scanning, intrusion detection, network management and other services for an entire customer network, in a completely centralized fashion. 

What is Chad doing differently from other Central African Nations for Global Connectivity? 

In July 2020, the Chad government approved a three-part telecommunication infrastructure to upgrade the project. In addition, Chad agreed to mobile roaming regulations, which the G5 Sahal countries can use. 

Final Thoughts  With VSAT internet, get 100% secured connections and universal reach to meet your global connectivity needs. Today, if your business or organization is looking for VSAT internet services in Chad, Burkina Faso and other central African countries, connect with Vizocom’s website. Based in the USA, they are renowned for their services in satellite and fiber internet.